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AAB & Associates Engineering Ltd. is a leading professional engineering firm formed by experienced engineering specialists and established in Abuja, Nigeria in 2012. The firm provides professional services in four major areas: Engineering Consultancy, Procurement, Construction and Project Management to both the public and private sector.

We utilize state of the art technology and advance knowledge to deliver practical, economic, and innovative solutions to our clients in the following sectors: Oil and Gas, Energy, Power, Maritime, Transportation, Utilities and Built Environment.


To provide our clients with engineering and technical solutions that are innovative, responsive, reliable and safe in a cost-effective, professional and quality service manner while focusing on our shared core values.


Be the world’s leading engineering, consultancy, construction, procurement and project management organization by building trusted relationships with clients with focus on integrity, honesty, hard work and accountability in the most efficient and cost-effective way.



We are uncompromising in our integrity, honesty and fairness.

Safety & Health

We are relentless in keeping our personnel and people safe and free from harm, and we provide a healthy and condusive work environment.


We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the with the first opportunity given us. Our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every client.


We inspire each other with important work full of purpose, challenging development opportunities, and a very rewarding career. We aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry.


We actively build a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment where all views are welcome, openness is encouraged, and teamwork and merit are cornerstones. We are proud of what we do and how we do it—and we enjoy doing it!


We build positive, long-term relationships with our clients, joint-venture & technical partners, sub-contractors, suppliers, and professional colleagues that are built on trust, mutual respect, and collaboration.


We develop and apply world-class technology. We listen, learn, and seek out the best ideas. We constantly attack complacency and continually improve.


We improve the quality of life in any of our locationswhere we work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.


Wherever we go and whatever we do, we;

Demonstrate Integrity

Exercise the highest level of professional and ethical behavior.

Are Respectful

Treat people with respect and dignity, listen actively and attentively, communicate in a timely and forthright manner and never undermine colleagues.


Ask for and welcome help; offer and give it freely. Mutually resolve ambiguity and conflict.

Build Trust

Make commitments responsibly and always keep our word. Be candid while building shared understanding.


Set high aspirations, plan responsibly, and honor all commitments.

Learn It, Do It, Share It

Be curious. Seek, share, and build upon experiences and lessons learned.

Live our Culture

Embrace, embody, and actively contribute to our Vision, Values & Covenants. Nurture a proud legacy.

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